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kristine bowling


I've been an accountant since the late 80's with over 20 years experience, primarily in service industries, both publicly and privately held companies. I'm a CPA with an MBA from the University of Baltimore..... I've decided to start my side company to assist individuals & small businesses in their financial bookkeeping.


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Knowing your financial records are maintained by a qualified accounting service.

Supplying efficient & accurate data entry so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Accurate financials can be used for cash forecasting, budgeting, and tax preparation.


Deposits, Credit Card Purchases

Entering Transactional Data is creating the record of each transaction with its relevant information. Transactions include checks written, deposits made, credit card purchases, etc.


Balancing Your Check Book 

Reconciling Bank Statements is the process of ensuring the balance on your bank statements matches the balance in your check book.


Reviewing Your Spending

Reconciling Credit Card Statements is the process of ensuring the balance due on your credit card matches the balance in your records.

Having helped many clients reach their full potential, let me help you!


Hot Rock Haven introKris Bowling is much like a lion herself. She has sharp ears, a watchful eye, and a great spirit. She is among the Zoo's most devoted volunteers, having given more than 3,162 hours over the past 14 years to make this a better place for visitors and animals alike.


“Kris has been generous to the Zoo in so many ways,” stated Don Hutchinson, president/CEO of The Maryland Zoo. “Her capital donations have been helpful not only to the animals, but have in turn made the keepers’ jobs easier.   And of course, you can’t put a price tag on her fifteen years of service as a Volunteer here at the Zoo.”